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AD Maddox.

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Ducati season is here!  Taking a break from the easel.  New ones are in process … I’ll keep you posted!



Friends of the Teton River with AD Maddox

Check out Friends of the Teton River  #TheWindKnot #ADMaddoxPrints

AD Maddox Art, Friends of the Teton River, Fly Fishing Art

Wrapping up Yellowstone Cutty!



Still Hatching … New #ADMaddoxOriginals

Caddis II Light Cahill IV Light Cahill IIIYellowstone Cutty Stimulator Sparkle Wing Hex

The Fly Series is Hatching … New AD Maddox Originals Available!

Red Hothead Copper 2Red Hothead Copper 1LightCahill 2 AD Maddox Art, AD Maddox Fishing Flies, AD Maddox, Rainys Fies, Erik Ashlin, AD Maddox Originals, Fly Fishing Art, Fly Fishing Artists

Here’s a #TBT for you!

The Ducati has been delivered … I hope to break from the easel and ride!  :)

AD Maddox, #ADMaddox, Ducati

AD Maddox on her Ducati

Sztuka Lowienia Magazine

Check out Sztuka Lowienia Magazine!  Thanks so much for sharing my work in Poland … I’ll have to get out there and fish!


FUDR One Bug 2015

Check out Friends of the Upper Delaware River  One Bug fly fishing tournament!  The event was a huge success and I had so much fun painting the tarps for the event!  Thank you Dan Plummer, Sherri Resti and Jeff Scully … See you next ye11ar! 17392562101_0e704d06d6_k17170077188_47ce808d3c_z
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AD Maddox for Henry’s Fork Foundation

The Henry’s Fork Foundation is the only not-for-profit organization whose sole purpose is to conserve, protect, and restore the Henry’s Fork watershed and its legendary wild trout.

Visit Henry’s Fork Foundation online




New Prints Available! Canvas & Paper

Ashlin Hellraiser HopperSnack ParachuteCaddis RiseSeries#4

She's a Ducati riding, Wyoming roaming, fly fishing girl born in Tennessee... and she's the world's most well-known and respected Fly Fishing Artist. A.D. has been featured in many issues of Gray's Sporting Journal, American Angler, Big Sky Journal, The Contemporary Sportsman, Wild on the Fly and has done work for major outdoor companies such as Patagonia and many other online publications. In the words of Fly Fishing Central's Paul Schmur, "Take a very creative lady, some oil on canvas, and a high speed Ducati and what do you get? You get AD Maddox, and a very colorful and innovative form of art."

Fly fishing art enthusiasts world-wide have more than likely seen or own her work in their home. A.D.'s original fly fishing art is available now online. Originals, prints, paper and canvas giclées are all available through her new online store. A.D.'s mixed-medium art captures the life and color of fly fishing in a way that grabs the attention of any passer-by, whether they are a fly fisher or not. Why is this? A.D., an avid fly fisher herself says, "I love to build something that moves me. I'm challenged by the simplicity of one subject as my main focus and trout is my most recent passion. During my hours fishing, time disappears. I am experiencing a bit of heaven. I love living those moments and want to put them in my art. I feel I was put here to fish and paint."

Contact AD Check out www.admaddox.com for new fly fishing art, fly fishing art prints, giclees, merchandise and updates.